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Sender Framework Policy (SPF) is a tool to you can use to advertise what sources are legitimately allowed to originate email for your domain names. It is useful for distancing yourself from forged email with your domain and can help protect recipients of real email from you (such as your customers and members) from some forms of phishing attacks.

It works by publishing a "blob" of data about your domain over DNS, this wizard is to help you create that blob.
Show me SPF data in this nameserver format:
Current MX handlers:
Do the MX handlers also originate email for this domain?
Current IP Address:
Does this host also send mail for this domain?
Should any hostname ending in
be allowed to originate or relay email for it?
(Not Recommended, this adds overhead and can be spoofed by third parties)
Enter any other domains who may send or relay mail for this domain
(such as third party services that may handle mail for this domain, space separated)
Enter any IP addresses in CIDR format for netblocks that originate or relay mail for this domain
(space separated, for a single IP address use /32, i.e.
Enter any other hosts which can send or relay mail for this domain
(space separated)
Enter hostnames for any remote spf records to include
(ex. include:_spf.google.com, space separated)
How stringent should SPF-aware MTA's treat this?

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